POPULATION OF INDIA-10th Social Science Notes and Question Bank

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Chapter 13 Geography
I.      Choose the correct answer.

1. What are the types of migrations? A. • Internal migration.
• International migration.
1.      What factors identified the reason of low density?
A. • Floods • Earth quakes • Desert regions • Cyclones
     Other Nation hazards.
2.      What measures are formulated by Indian government to prevent rapid growth of pop'n?


A. • Family planning.
     Women welfare projects.
     Field plans.
     Publicity and advertisement.
     Creating awareness among the rural pop'n etc.
3.      What is the difference between internal migration and international migration?
A. Shifting from one place to another within the country is called Internal migration shifting from one nation to another is called International migration.
4.      What facilities are provided to rural areas by implementing 'PURA' project?
A. Facilities like good roads, drinking water, sanitary facility, library, educational institutions for villages and small towns.
5.      What measures are undertaken to control migration?
A. • Establishing industrial areas outside the city limits.
     Expanding and providing facilities available in cities for villages & small towns.
      improving transportation facilities b/w cities & surrounding rural areas.
     establishing satellite towns just outside city limits.
6.      Explain the effects of population explosion?
A. • Unemployment
      Shortage of food.
      Lack of nutrition.
      Pressure on civic and social amenities.
      Low per capita income.
      Slow rate of economic development.
      Political unrest.
      Social problems.
1.      What is the population of India according to 2011 census?
A: 121 Crores.
2.      What is migration?
A: Shifting of residential place from one place to another is called migration.
3.      What is census?
A: The collection and analysis of facts and figures related to human population is called census.
4.      What is density of population?
A: It is described as a number of people per square kilometer.
5.      What is international migration?
A: Shifting from one nation to another is called international migration.
1.      What is internal migration?
A: Shifting from one place to another within the country is called internal migration.
II. Answer is about 2 or 3 sentence:
1.      What are the causes of population growth?
A: *poverty * illiteracy * blind beliefs * unemployment.
2.      What are the causes for migration?
A: * purpose of marriage.
*      better employment opportunities
*      for the purpose of trade
*      for social security
*      for better health.
3.      What is meant by population?
The Total number of people living in place during a specific period is called the population of that place
4.      What is meant by density of population?
The total population of a area divided by its total area gives density. Usually it is described as of people per square kms
5.      What is migration?
Shifting of residential place from one place to another is called Migration
6.      What are the types of migration?
International Migration.

Internal Migration.